Collection of images created from photos taken of Group C Touring Cars.

Group C is classified as vehicles with a competition history established in the period 1973 to 1984, in events run to regulations promulgated by CAMS for Group C Touring Cars in the period.
Garry Willmington XD FalconForbes-Bartlett A9XGown-Hindaugh L34Brock Group C CommodoreGulson XD FalconRod Donovan XC FalconJane-Geoghegan Torana A9XAllan Grice A9X ToranaBlues Union FalconPatterson Racing A9XGarry Wilmington XD FalconJim Keogh FalconForbes-Bartlett A9XPeter Jansen ToranaSTP Group C CommodoreBob Muir XD FaclonMoffat Federation Insurance FalconAllan Grice A9X ToranaJansen CommodoreJohn Sands Falcon